Madhuram Indian Cuisine

“Madhuram” has myriad meanings in the Indian vocabulary. The word and its variations are mostly used in Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, and Telugu. .

The few extrapolations of Madhuram are Sweet, Pleasant, Flavourful, Melodius, etc. At our restaurant, we try to bring these derivatives of Madhuram into our dishes and our service

We specialize

South Indian Delicacies

We specialize in authentic South-Indian delicacies. Our Dosa`s and Chutneys are made with the best quality ingredients and we guarantee the freshness that would be a pleasant delight to your taste buds.

Freshest Produce

Vegetarian entrees

Our Vegetarian entrees use the freshest produce and are made with authentic and exquisite South-Indian spices and blends. Our Non-Vegetarian offerings include Organic country chicken, baby-goat (Mutton), and the freshest seafood. In each of our offerings, you would find the true South-Indian roots and preparations. Our Specialty Thaali Meals are made fresh. The authenticity, the variety, the flavor, and the freshness are going to make it a true winner in your flavor palette.

We Offering

Indo - Chinese

Our Indo-Chinese spread brings to you a choice variety of appetizers and entrees. The combination of Indian spices with Chinese cooking is guaranteed to leave you satisfied and yearning for more. The Indio-Chinese dishes offer a great complimentary dining experience with excellent vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

All our excellent and sumptuous dining options with the bonus of thoughtful and attentive customer service will definitely make your dining and/or ordering experience with us pleasant and sweet.

Always Quality

Our Talented Chefs

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